Oh, Deer

195F2D13-E934-4CF8-AF47-34307B9561A3.jpegOne of my all-time favorite sayings is the following: “Some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue.”
It’s true, my deer. 🦌
But yesterday, I couldn’t help wondering which I’d become.
Pigeon Me This

  1. I got to take my kids away for Spring break and stay at the Fullers’ place (THX!xo)
  2. Matt’s reputation at Crystal Mountain extended my way…”Hello, this is Meg Foster-Fuller calling…” (What?!  It works. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.)
  3. The kids got to swim and swim. Hot tub and hot tub and that’s all my kids really want on a getaway anyway (except maybe the aftermath of the hot tubbing–j/k Crystal Mountain is way swankier (ie: bleachier) than the hot tubs we’ve swum in before.)
  4. I got to feel and cherish my independence–my all important #ThreeMusketeer time
  5. We got to see Heather and Hannah, and Glenn and his folks: the DesRosiers–oh my!
  6. This trip enabled me to enjoy a Spring break with Mady and Lance while awaiting our big shebanggity bang: the trip to Hawaii in July to welcome my new niece!

Statue Me That

  1. I’m lonely up here
  2. I miss the traditional trip to see Dad and Elizabeth in Florida; hindsight really is 20/20
  3. It’s cold
  4. On the way home from Heather’s, a deer seemed to have a vendetta against my Chevy Traverse.  I blame ISIS.  It was a suicide mission.

Pigeon Me This

  • The car is not that bad.  Sure, I can’t open the driver’s side from the outside, but on the plus side, this means that someone is ALWAYS opening the door for me!
  • 4 hours in the car, by myself with two kids, versus 17 hours in the car
  • It’s sunny and there’s plenty of cozy blankets and a fireplace and red wine (when needed)
  • Matt got my walls down and we talked and I feel 297,000% better
  • The kids found un-earthed treasures left behind in the sand
  • There’s nobody here I need to accommodate or compromise with or give into or have my voice fall on deaf ears so often that I just stop talking…wait, that was my old life…(*Note: this was not Eric’s fault.  It was mine. Well, 50% of it–it’s in the decree.*)
  • New life!
  • #Intention (“I’m going to…”)

Anyway, what I’ve made of today is that Easter is about resurrection and although Jesus showed us how to do it literally, we are able to do it metaphorically.
To revive.  To reinvigorate.
As long as we’ve met our deductible.


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