I remember having this moment in my therapist’s office.
She told me that while I was going through my divorce, my safe place (the guest room) was to always be calm and happy.
No matter what.  Even if the kids came swarming in there with their kid crazy.  Even in the midst of LIFE, DIVORCE, FEAR, CHAOS–the rule was if you were in my space, you had to be calm and happy.
It was then that I realized that never in my entire life had I lived in a home that was just that: calm and happy.
So as I look out on this rainy Saturday morning, from my new home, and I see the garden rock I purchased as my homage to Gatsby’s green light, which helped me get through some tough times, I do the following:
I take a sip of my coffee from my favorite mug.
I thank God, Dr. O, my kids, my dog Frankie, my girlfriends, yoga, intuition, and anything and everything else that got me to this laptop today (6% battery life, 14 minutes left).
Here we go.FullSizeRender (4)


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