Awkward August

FullSizeRender (10)So I saw my gyno today.
You know how that goes: small talk in the most awkward situation, like, ever.  Sorta like small talk with a dental hygienist but worse.  It’s like let’s pretend we’re in an elevator instead of where we actually are.  Weather?  Sure!  Kids/school?  Sure!  What is actually happening?  NOPE.
“So…”, said Dr. Wolfe,  “ready for school yet?”
I’m not really one for small talk.  Go big or go home.  Pardon the pun in this context.  (Or not.)
“Really?!” He actually looked up.  “Really?!”
“Yup.”  I repeated.  Had I stuttered?  Could he not hear me down there????
I got to thinking: why are people always surprised when a teacher proclaims that she’s ready to head back to work?
People, lemme tell ya somethin’:

  1. My kids are more work than your kids.  (Somebody needs to make this a bumper sticker.)
  2. I actually get paid to work with other people’s kids.  People PAY US MONEY to teach their kids.  Working with my own kids–for free–is just plain WORK.  Or in my house: nagging.  Did you brush your teeth?  Make your bed?  Read for 20 minutes?  Do 2 pages of math?  Figure out a prime number beyond 100?  Solve world peace?  Homestead?  Create a yurt?  Resolve conflicts with other neighborhood kids peacefully?  What?!  You want to eat again?!!!  But I just cleaned up the kitchen!
  3. Going to work brings home more than just the bacon.
    • It brings me mental stimulation.  I need intellectual conversation about more than just Bryan O’Connor’s cars and squishies. Jake Paul and “Try Not To Laugh” are great…until they’re not.
    • It brings structure to everybody’s day.
    • It gives us a daily adventure on which to partake, solely….
    • and then it gives us camaraderie around the dinner table.  (Even if we’re eating noodles, again.)

Don’t get me wrong.
Of course Mady and Lance are the single most important people in my life.  Duh.  My kids = my everything.  They are my why.  They give me purpose.  They give me love.  They give me less room in bed.  They give me bad jokes:  “Mom, what kind of car can drive underwater?  A SCUBARU.”  They deplete my bank account, but deposit more kind of funds than Trump could ever call “huge”.
I’m just saying that when we saw that Target had the school supplies going, only 2/3 of us were upset.


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