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The Village People

If you watched–aghast, or maybe even hopefully laughed–at my July 14th IG or FB vlog (first on left in second row) well, then you met me in “downtown [mom-town], Mr. Burton”. Yeah, I may have gone overboard. (At least…



It’s Father’s Day. Yeah….so….we’re gonna those TPS reports—To Paternal Supermen. So for all the dad’s watching golf, playing golf, drinking, sleeping, fishing, or doing other dad things…kudos to you on your day off! (Cuz they ain’t readin’ this, mamas. I…


Scratch That Itch

Just to be clear, my title is metaphorical. You don’t need any kind of special over-the-counter cream to read on. Although one thing my fiance and my son have in common is to ask me to find that magical, mystical,…


Girls on the Run

First of all allow me to clarify that nobody in this blog is on the run. We’re all legit–as far as I know. Also, I’d like to point out that when I type”girls”, I really mean “women” too. And anybody…



Today is my 40th birthday. 10. 20. 30. 40. Here I am. Down here. Up here. 50. 60. 70. 80. An old friend of mine once said that we all live with a “little me” inside of us. Here me…


Just Send It

So I had this traumatic experience when I was ten. I was skiing for like, the second time ever. After a few runs down the beginner hill, I thought I was so pro, bro. I could handle anything. So I…


Disappointed? P 3x

So one Christmas, my older brother, younger sister, and I just knew we were getting a kitten. I mean how could we not? We’d definitely been nice (most of the time); we’d definitely dropped enough hints to everybody: “Santa”, that other…


Don’t Freeze Your Frame

Sorry, J. Geils Band. I’ll admit I don’t know much jargon inside other realms. But I love learning new words. And I get metaphors. So I got the concept behind getting frozen within your frame. Look at the pictures and…


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