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Just Send It

So I had this traumatic experience when I was ten. I was skiing for like, the second time ever. After a few runs down the beginner hill, I thought I was so pro, bro. I could handle anything. So I…


Disappointed? P 3x

So one Christmas, my older brother, younger sister, and I just knew we were getting a kitten. I mean how could we not? We’d definitely been nice (most of the time); we’d definitely dropped enough hints to everybody: “Santa”, that other…


Don’t Freeze Your Frame

Sorry, J. Geils Band. I’ll admit I don’t know much jargon inside other realms. But I love learning new words. And I get metaphors. So I got the concept behind getting frozen within your frame. Look at the pictures and…


Mother Hover Peanut Butter

So when I was in fifth grade, I was riding home on Bus #22 after school one day. Two popular and cute boys were sitting in the back: one the Alphamale, the other his Wingman. My friend Jenny, who usually…


Office Space with Kate

Everybody’s got a B.C. which, in my book, just means Before Crap. Before I… Before we… Before this…Before that….Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.  Wah. Wah. Wah. Let’s just get this out of the way. Here’s my before. Before I got divorced, I was married, lived…


Princess Problems

So I’m gonna talk about my Facebook post.  Not the cute ones, which were filtered and fired off a bunch of times under proper lighting before being published.  I mean the other one.   The real one.  The raw one.   Here’s…


Doing It

I’ve recently been asked multiple times, “So, Meg…what are you doing?” Good question. When my students have to write a definition essay, I tell them that one strategy in order to help them define something, is to figure out what…


Face the Facts

I have a confession to make. It took me over an entire year of dating Matt before I showed him my face without a stitch of makeup.  I know you’re judging me.  It’s okay, I judge myself, too.  Welcome to…


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