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I’m Nobody! Who are you?  wrote Emily Dickinson.
What’s Emily Dickinson got to do with anything?  Well, maybe everything.

Don’t we all feel that push/pull between wanting to stay small and humble in this world, yet wanting to grow larger to stretch to our fullest potential.  Maybe the world needs a bigger, better version of each one of us.  Meg in the Mid is my manifestation of that sentiment, I suppose.

I grew up in Troy, Michigan within a loud, loving, chaotic family of five.  As a middle-child from the midwest, I accompanied my family to our Catholic church service every Sunday.  Those roots run deeply within me even though I no longer regularly attend mass.  (Still had both my kids baptized, though.  Couldn’t not.)

Never going away to college (see blog post “Roots and Wings”), I stayed home, married my college boyfriend, and had two beautiful kids 18 months apart.  After a very difficult span of time, my mother passed away and I divorced.  And I recovered from both.

I think…

You’ll see common threads of family life and home, identity, and parenting; as well as my struggle with “religion” (or as Gloria Steinem once called it, “politics in the sky”) that all seem to permeate my writing.

Though there is no replacement for a mother’s love, I am surrounded by love.
My fun-loving and sage father Tom lives in Florida with my beloved step-mom, Elizabeth, who has dutifully moved in, to love on and adore my kids within my mother’s absence–and if I’m willing to admit it to myself, even before my mom passed.

My two kids inspire me each day to heed the advice that I give them.  My daughter Mady will begin middle school this fall and my son Lance will be in fourth grade.  They have a love/hate relationship and while Lance struggles with his ADHD, and I struggle with my anxiety, and we all still struggle with my divorce from their dad…we somehow manage (albeit not always perfectly nor prettily) to work through our stuff and hang in there because that’s what families are for: getting through stuff, together.

My fiance Matt has three kids of his own, and our lives today tend to look like a Venn Diagram: sometimes the two of us get to be alone, sometimes we are apart with our own kids in our own safe homes, and sometimes the whole clan stirs up brew-haha wherever we go…party of seven!

Though I have experience with newspaper writing (The Oakland Press) and hosting seminars (Michigan Reading Association), teaching high school English at my former high school the past 16 years is where I found my niche.  I’ve taught grades 7-12 throughout my career.

To further my skill-set and abate my restlessness, this fall I will also take on a seminal College Board Capstone course new to Troy High School: AP Seminar as well as be the intern liaison for Troy High through Oakland University.

It’s a lot. And I’m not perfect.

It’s only life after all.  And I’m living it.  This is what it looks like.

Enjoy the ride with me.

XO, Meg

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